Covid-19 Resolution

Resolution: Urging the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation to Correct the Social Security COVID Cut – December 2020

Whereas, Older Adults and People with Disabilities in Massachusetts and all Americans age fifty or overs are already on edge about their financial and retirement security: The one-two punch of the pandemic and the economic crisis puts millions of people in our community in danger; and Whereas, Social Security is the largest source of retirement […]

Covid-19 Facilities Testimony

Testimony: Hearing on Understanding the Tragedy

The hearing was held on October 13. For more information, including video testimony, visit: Paul Lanzikos can be seen and heard around the 30 minute mark in the first video. Unfortunately, closed captions are not included. From State Senator Becca Rausch: “As the Senate Vice-Chair of the Elder Affairs Committee, on Tuesday I participated […]

Covid-19 Facilities Resolution Worker Support

Resolution: Determine Why and How Residents and Workers Incurred the Worst Impact of Covid-19

We call for further legislative inquiry to determine why and how residents and workers disproportionately incurred the worst impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and to identify and develop strategies, policies, and procedures to address any resurgence of Covid-19 or the spread of influenza and other infectious diseases in nursing homes and other congregate living settings.

Covid-19 Resolution Worker Support

Resolution: Universal Availability of Frontline Worker Supports

We strongly advocate appropriations to ensure the universal availability of necessary supports, including, but not limited to, sufficient and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and of livable wages and benefits for frontline workers confronting the current coronavirus outbreak as well as anticipating future needs.

Covid-19 Facilities Resolution

Resolution: Enhanced Infection Control

Dignity Alliance generally applauds the Department’s attention to infection control and believes this should be a priority for ALL skilled nursing facilities, not only in some new specialized facility. Issue The Department deserves commendation for requiring responsible infection prevention and control of any new or amended DON serving one of the specialized populations identified in […]

Covid-19 Facilities News

Baker says vaccine will be administered to those in shelters, prisons, and senior housing

By Travis Andersen Globe Staff, January 13, 2021 Governor Charlie Baker said Wednesday that Massachusetts will start administering the COVID-19 vaccine Monday to the more than 94,000 people who live and work in congregate care settings such as prisons, shelters, and certain private special education schools. Baker broke the news at his regular State House […]

Behavioral Health Covid-19 Facilities News

Request to State Auditor

Dignity Alliance Massachusetts has sent a letter to State Auditor Suzanne Bump, asking for a follow up audit of nursing facilities. The letter is copied below, or download the DAMAuditor Letter on Nursing Home Complaints.docx. “We appreciate the work you and your office reported in September 2019 regarding the unconscionable delays in complaint investigations of […]

Covid-19 News

Resolution: Correct SS Covid Cut

Without this protection, people who become eligible for Social Security in 2022 will be the victims of potentially reduced benefits, due to the 2019 – 2020 economic downturn. For more details, read: Some retirees social security benefits could dip unless Congress acts from CNBC. Resolution Urging the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation to Correct the Social Security […]

Covid-19 Facilities News

Arlene Germain and Paul Lanzikos Interview on Covid-19

25 Investigates: Second wave of COVID-19 crashing into Mass. nursing homes November 16: Boston 25 News interviewed Dignity Alliance on the second surge of Covid-19 and the nursing home reform advocates call for more changes. “Dignity Alliance Massachusetts believes the pandemic exposed underlying issues in nursing homes that only contributed to the crisis. They advocate […]

Covid-19 Testimony

Act To Address Estate Recovery Issues Due To COVID-19

Download the testimony: Dignity Alliance Estate Recovery Testimony 20890.docx October 30, 2020 H4978 / S2818 Dear Chairs of the Judiciary Committee: Representative Claire Cronin and Senator Jamie Eldridge, The Dignity Alliance submits this testimony in support of H4978/S2818 An Act To Address Estate Recovery Issues Due To COVID-19 filed by Representative Christine Barber and Senator […]