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COVID Made Nursing Home Caregiving A Deadly Occupation; Immigrants And Minorities Bear The Brunt

WGBH, and lead journalist Chris Burrell published a two part investigative series on the devastating impact of the coronavirus on nursing home workers.

Part 1 of the series, from August 18, can be listened to, or read, at

We will provide a link to part 2 as soon as we can.

From an Alliance member: One thing I learned is that there’s an effort in the legislature to address problems facing the caregivers working in nursing homes. The legislation should also include PCAs and home care workers. Here’s a quote regarding the legislation:
 “State lawmakers are pushing for an emergency sick leave law and a $55 million fund during the pandemic to help workers faced with the bad choice Jean confronted last spring. Workers could get up to $850 a week and a promise from employers that their jobs are secure if they take the sick leave. 

And nursing homes still need more PPE. Nationwide, one in five elder care homes report a shortage, and in Massachusetts, 14 percent of these homes said they are short of masks and gowns.”