Home and Community

Goal – Supports and Services improvement and expansion of opportunities.


  • Adoption of a Community First provision in the 1115 Medicaid Waiver scheduled for renewal in 2022.
  • Age-friendly, ADA-compliant communities with affordable, accessible public transportation.
  • An end to ageism and ableism in every community in the Commonwealth.
  • Accessible, affordable, integrated housing to assist people to remain in their homes and communities.
  • Fully including older adults and people with disabilities in work and community spheres such as voting, serving on boards and commissions, and positions of leadership.
  • Policies for older adults and people with disabilities must recognize the those living in rural areas or in underserved neighborhoods in urban areas may lack broadband, access to technology, access to health providers, etc.
95 year old man, living in his own apartment with support


See the State Legislative Endorsements page and the Federal Legislative Endorsements page for a list of all Dignity Alliance supported bills.

This 2019 rally for PCA wages predates DignityMA, however, DignityMA supports better working conditions for home and nursing home workers. Maura Healey was the Attorney General and supported the wage increases at the time.


Healey should settle, not litigate, disability lawsuit

Avoid unnecessary institutionalization in nursing homes. January 27, 2023 by Alex Green and Bill Henning EVERY DAY, thousands of Massachusetts ...
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Healey vows to address shortage of PCAs

by Henry Kuczinski Daily Hampshire Gazette, December 26, 2022 BOSTON — Governor-elect Maura Healey said she will “absolutely” work with ...
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How to better care for our elderly and frail

Crisis of Care for Older Adults should be a Call to Action, not a Plea for More Tax Dollars. By ...
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DignityMA supports Class Action re: Violations of the ADA and Medicaid Act

Statement of Support Dignity Alliance Massachusetts and Its Partners Support Resolution of the Complaint Underlying the Class Action Suit filed ...
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Advocate to Pay to Spouses as Caregivers

S89 / H1305 An Act allowing spouses as caregivers Referred to Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities ...
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The Budget Reconciliation Legislation which includes nursing home reform, HCBS funding, workforce enhancements and elder justice provisions

The nursing home provisions will promote DAM Goal 1 - Nursing Home Reform that is person-centered and respectful of human ...
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S 2210 – Better Care Better Jobs Act

Federal Bill S 2210 supports the Dignity Alliance MA Goal 3 – Home and Community-Based Supports and Services improvement and ...
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S 4986 / HR 7499 Social Security Covid-19 Correction and Equity Act

Federal Bills S 4986 and HR 7499 are listed in the 116th Congress. and support Dignity Alliance MA Goal 3: ...
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S418 and H745: Personal Care Homes

An Act relative to expanding the availability of personal care homes for older adults “Personal care home” or “home”, a ...
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Support Community Service Budget Items

Action Steps - Contact Mass State Senators and Reps to advocate with the conference committee to support the House version ...
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Response to RFI Rescue Plan Act

Dignity Alliance Massachusetts’ Response to the Request for Information American Rescue Plan Act Home and Community-Based Community HCBS Initiatives May ...
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Resolution: Expand Availability of Home and Community Services

An immediate objective is the expansion of the ability of older adults and persons with disabilities to receive comprehensive services, ...
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