Home and Community Based Services

Goal – Supports and Services improvement and expansion of opportunities.


  • Support funding for age-friendly, ADA-compliant communities with affordable, accessible public transportation across the state
  • Provide a living wage to Homecare workers.
  • An end to ageism and ableism in every community in the Commonwealth.
  • Accessible, affordable, integrated housing to assist people to remain in their homes and communities.
  • Fully including older adults and people with disabilities in work and community spheres such as voting, serving on boards and commissions, and positions of leadership.
  • Policies for older adults and people with disabilities must recognize the those living in rural areas or in underserved neighborhoods in urban areas may lack broadband, access to technology, access to health providers, etc.
95 year old man, living in his own apartment with support

Facts and Issues


See the State Legislative Endorsements page and the Federal Legislative Endorsements page for a list of all Dignity Alliance supported bills.

This 2019 rally for PCA wages predates DignityMA, however, DignityMA supports better working conditions for home and nursing home workers. Maura Healey was the Attorney General and supported the wage increases at the time.