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See the State Legislative Endorsements page for a list of all Dignity Alliance supported bills.


Advocate to Pay to Spouses as Caregivers

S89 / H1305 An Act allowing spouses as caregivers Referred to Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities ...
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The Budget Reconciliation Legislation which includes nursing home reform, HCBS funding, workforce enhancements and elder justice provisions

The nursing home provisions will promote DAM Goal 1 - Nursing Home Reform that is person-centered and respectful of human ...
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S 2210 – Better Care Better Jobs Act

Federal Bill S 2210 supports the Dignity Alliance MA Goal 3 – Home and Community-Based Supports and Services improvement and ...
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S 4986 / HR 7499 Social Security Covid-19 Correction and Equity Act

Federal Bills S 4986 and HR 7499 are listed in the 116th Congress. and support Dignity Alliance MA Goal 3: ...
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S418 and H745: Personal Care Homes

An Act relative to expanding the availability of personal care homes for older adults “Personal care home” or “home”, a ...
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Support Community Service Budget Items

Action Steps - Contact Mass State Senators and Reps to advocate with the conference committee to support the House version ...
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Response to RFI Rescue Plan Act

Dignity Alliance Massachusetts’ Response to the Request for Information American Rescue Plan Act Home and Community-Based Community HCBS Initiatives May ...
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Resolution: Expand Availability of Home and Community Services

An immediate objective is the expansion of the ability of older adults and persons with disabilities to receive comprehensive services, ...
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