DignityMA Priorities

Current advocacy issues:

  • Home Care FY 25 budget shortfall
  • Benjamin HealthCare Center / Marian Manor closures
  • LTC reform legislation
  • Independent Assessment Entity
  • PCA cuts
  • Estate recovery
  • Architectural Access Board
  • Nursing home closure policy / protocols
  • Updated nursing home rights
  • Assisted Living Residence 93A regulations
  • Wheelchair repair
  • Supported decision making
  • Housing bond bill
  • Other legislative proposals
    • Dignity Half Dozen
    • Dignity Dozen + 1

Email us at info@dignityalliancema.org with questions.

Nursing Home Staffing

Nursing Home Staffing has been an issue for some time. Insufficient staffing results in a poor quality of life for ...

Marsters Lawsuit

Marsters Lawsuit Settlement Agreement Reached April 16, 2024 After lengthy negotiations, the Commonwealth and Plaintiffs reached a Settlement Agreement to ...

Independent Assessment Entity (IAE)

Update: An RFI has been posted by MassHealth (RFI info below). The deadline to Reply to the RFI is June ...

Benjamin Healthcare Center Saga

The news below, on Benjamin Healthcare Center's announced closing, is listed most recent first. DignityMA Offers Help to Attorney Feaster ...

Private Equity

The toxic effects that Private Equity investments have had on healthcare, caregiving, durable medical equipment and nursing homes is a ...

Assisted Living

Assisted Living has become a popular option for older adults. These facilities are not Nursing Homes, have few requirements and ...