Dignity Alliance Massachusetts, a grass-roots coalition of aging and disability service and advocacy organizations and supporters, works to secure fundamental changes in the provision of long-term services, support, and care.

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Dignity Alliance Massachusetts is dedicated to transformative change to ensure the dignity of older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers.  We are committed to advancing new ways of providing long-term services, support, living options, and care, while respecting choice and self-determination.  Through education, legislation, regulatory reform, and legal strategies, this mission will become reality throughout the Commonwealth.


These and other objectives are intended to ensure maximum health and dignity in fully integrated and coordinated settings and to support and appreciate workers who provide services and care. We passionately believe that Massachusetts frail elders and persons with disabilities have the right to expect to live their lives in dignity, with self-determination, and with respect to their privacy as much as any other resident.

Single Occupancy Rooms

The immediate creation of an initiative to demonstrate the efficacy of nursing facilities operating exclusively with single-occupancy rooms. This addresses consumer demand and expectations for privacy, dignity, and choice as well as optimizes infection control protocols.

Covid Analysis

Legislative oversight hearings to determine why and how residents and workers disproportionately incurred the worst impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and what strategies, policies, and procedures are being developed to address any resurgence of Covid-19 or the spread of influenza and other infectious disease in nursing homes and other congregate living settings.

Worker Support

Immediate and comprehensive enhancement of supports, including, but not limited to, sufficient and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), testing, paid sick time, and compensation for frontline workers confronting the current coronavirus outbreak as well as anticipating future needs.

Increase Housing Options

Increase support for affordable and accessible housing, especially with service availability. Many people remain in a facility long after they have recovered from an illness or injury because they cannot find suitable living accommodations.

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