Federal Legislative Endorsements

The Legislation Workgroup studies the current Congressional, State Senate and House legislation to determine which bills align with the Dignity Alliance mission. A bill should contribute to one of our goals. The membership is notified of any bills of interest, and is given the opportunity to sign on.

Please advocate for our endorsed bills by contacting your legislators.

Federal Bills

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Bill No.TitleGoalCommitteesMore Info
HR 0598Quality Care for Nursing Home Residents and Workers During COVID–19 and Beyond Act1Energy and Commerce,
Ways and Means
HR 598 Info
S 1295DignityMA OPPOSES this bill.
Trust Act of 2021
3Homeland Security,
Governmental Affairs
S 1295 Info
HR 2812Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act1 and 3Ways and Means,
Energy and Commerce
HR 2812 Info
S 2694Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act of 20211FinanceS 2694 Info
See also HR 5169
HR 5169Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act of 20211Ways and Means,
Energy and Commerce
HR 5169 Info
See also S 2694
S 2618Medicare and Medicaid Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act of 20213FinanceS 2618 Info
S 0880Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act3Health, Education, Labor, and PensionsS 880 Info
See also HR 2062
HR 2062 Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act of 20213 Education and LaborS 2062 Info
See also HR 880
S 2210Better Care Better Jobs Act3FinanceS 2210 Info
S 2065Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act of 20213FinanceS 2065 Info
HR 3733Essential Caregivers Act of 20211Energy and Commerce,
Ways and Means
HR 3733 Info
S 4986Social Security COVID Correction and Equity Act3FinanceS 4986 InfoSee also HR 7499
HR 7499Social Security COVID Correction and Equity Act3Ways and Means,
Energy and Commerce
HR 7499 Info See also S 4986
S 1773Prescription Drug Pricing Dashboard Act3FinanceS 1773 Info
S 0331ABLE Age Adjustment Act3FinanceS 331 Info See also HR 1219
H 1219ABLE Age Adjustment Act3Ways and MeansH 1219 Info See also S 331
H 7676Home Modification for Accessibility Act of 20223Ways and MeansH 7676 Endorsement

More Insights into Federal Bills

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DignityMA Goals

Visit the Advocacy Page for details on each goal.

  • Goal #1. Nursing Home Reform that is person-centered and respectful of human dignity with oversight, accountability and transparency.     
  • Goal #2. Congregate Living (other than skilled nursing facilities) and other opportunities for independence, informed choices, and integration in the community.     
  • Goal #3. Home and Community-Based Supports and Services improvement and expansion of opportunities.     
  • Goal #4. Strengthen Support of Long-Term Care workers whether in career, volunteers, or family members.     
  • Goal #5. Strengthen Accessible, Universally-designed emergency procedures and response.

Federal Legislators

To find your legislators: https://www.sec.state.ma.us/WhereDoIVoteMA/bal/MyElectionInfo.aspx

Senator Edward Markey: www.markey.senate.gov/contact

Senator Elizabeth Warren: www.warren.senate.gov/contact

Congressional District 1: Richard Neal – neal.house.gov/contact

Congressional District 2: James McGovern – mcgovern.house.gov/contact/

Congressional District 3: Lori Trahan – trahan.house.gov/contact

Congressional District 4: Jake Auchincloss – auchincloss.house.gov/contact

Congressional District 5: Katherine Clark – katherineclark.house.gov/email-me

Congressional District 6: Seth Moulton – moulton.house.gov

Congressional District 7: Ayanna Pressley – pressley.house.gov/contact

Congressional District 8: Stephen Lynch – lynch.house.gov/email-me

Congressional District 9: William Keating – keating.house.gov/contact