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Arlene Germain and Paul Lanzikos Interview on Covid-19

25 Investigates: Second wave of COVID-19 crashing into Mass. nursing homes

November 16: Boston 25 News interviewed Dignity Alliance on the second surge of Covid-19 and the nursing home reform advocates call for more changes.

“Dignity Alliance Massachusetts believes the pandemic exposed underlying issues in nursing homes that only contributed to the crisis.

They advocate better infection prevention training, and continued increasing supplies of PPE. They are also pushing to single occupancy rooms. Massachusetts is winding down the use of three and four-person rooms. Advocates maintain that a single occupancy room is the best way to reduce infection and preserve a person’s dignity.

They don’t believe the solution to outbreaks is cutting people off from their loved ones on the outside, which frequently happens when a facility is working to control spread. ” Read the whole article at www.boston25news.