Covid-19 Facilities News Resolution

Resolution – Mandate Vax for Nursing Homes Employees

Download the full resolution Calling on Nursing Home Providers and Caregivers to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations to Protect All In their Care.docx. The download includes extensive resource links. Resolution Dignity Alliance commends the Biden Administration for its 8/18/21 announcement that all nursing home staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of participating in […]

Covid-19 News Resolution

Resolution: Call for Compassionate Care Visitation Policy

Call for Compassionate Care Visitation Policy for Nursing Home Residents Download the full resolution which includes references: Nursing Home Compassionate Care Visitation for Nursing Home Residents Dignity Alliance Massachusetts.docx. March 13th marks the tragic one-year anniversary of banning visitations for nursing home residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dignity Alliance Massachusetts is writing for your help […]

Facilities News Resolution

Resolution: Proposed Amendments to 105 CMR 150.000 Standards for Long Term Care Facilities

Download the testimony: Testimony 105CMR150.000 Standards for Long-Term Care Facilities DPH Hearing 2021.docx or scroll down. (Download includes extensive references, references are omitted below) Testimony submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Regarding Proposed Amendments to 105 CMR 150.000 Standards for Long Term Care Facilities March 1, 2021 With the purposes to improve the […]

Covid-19 Facilities News Resolution

Resolution: Change 1115 Waiver Renewal

Download Dignity Alliance’s comments on the renewal of the Commonwealth’s 1115 Renewal: 1115 Waiver Renewal DAM.docx. Comments regarding the Renewal of the 1115 Waiver Dignity Alliance Massachusetts, a grass-roots coalition of aging and disability service and advocacy organizations and supporters, is dedicated to securing fundamental changes in the provision of long-term services, support, and care.  […]

Covid-19 Resolution

Resolution: Urging the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation to Correct the Social Security COVID Cut – December 2020

Whereas, Older Adults and People with Disabilities in Massachusetts and all Americans age fifty or overs are already on edge about their financial and retirement security: The one-two punch of the pandemic and the economic crisis puts millions of people in our community in danger; and Whereas, Social Security is the largest source of retirement […]

Facilities Resolution

Resolution: Single-Occupancy Rooms

We urge the immediate creation of an initiative to demonstrate the efficacy of nursing facilities operating primarily with single-occupancy rooms. This addresses consumer demand and expectations for privacy, dignity, and choice as well as optimizes infection control protocols. While Governor Baker’s proposal to eliminate three and four bedded rooms is a positive step, we strongly […]

Covid-19 Facilities Resolution Worker Support

Resolution: Determine Why and How Residents and Workers Incurred the Worst Impact of Covid-19

We call for further legislative inquiry to determine why and how residents and workers disproportionately incurred the worst impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and to identify and develop strategies, policies, and procedures to address any resurgence of Covid-19 or the spread of influenza and other infectious diseases in nursing homes and other congregate living settings.

Covid-19 Resolution Worker Support

Resolution: Universal Availability of Frontline Worker Supports

We strongly advocate appropriations to ensure the universal availability of necessary supports, including, but not limited to, sufficient and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and of livable wages and benefits for frontline workers confronting the current coronavirus outbreak as well as anticipating future needs.

Home and Community Based Resolution

Resolution: Expand Availability of Home and Community Services

An immediate objective is the expansion of the ability of older adults and persons with disabilities to receive comprehensive services, support, and care in their own homes or other locations in the community of their choice. This can occur through changes to Medicaid waiver programs, enhancement of eligibility rules and the scope of benefits in […]

Behavioral Health Facilities Resolution

Resolution: Specialized Populations

Dignity Alliance supports lifting the DON moratorium for specialized skilled nursing facilities for substance use/mental health issues and COVID-19 rehabilitation. Any applicant which proposes to serve this population should demonstrate that it has the skills, expertise, appropriate programming, and trained staff to adequately meet the needs of the population. We question the need for special […]