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Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Workgroup advocates for appropriate and accessible behavioral health services for community dwelling older adults and adults under 60 so they can remain in the community; and appropriate and effective behavioral health services for adults who live in nursing homes so they can have opportunities to move to the community. The group includes individuals who are advocates, case managers, service managers, nurses, social workers, and more.


The Communications Workgroup raises awareness of DAM, workgroup initiatives, and shares topical news and resources. Members of this group update DAM’s website, social media, brainstorm content and campaign ideas, manage public relations, and more!


The Facilities (Nursing Homes, Rest Homes, Assisted Living) Workgroup addresses quality of care and quality of life issues affecting residents. Accomplishments of this workgroup include developing policy recommendations on a wide range of issues, such as safe staffing levels, long-term care visitation rights during a pandemic, COVID-19 vaccinations for long-term care staff, nursing home closure policies protecting resident rights, and much more.