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2023-11-28 Spotlight: Paralysis and Positioning

By Penny ShawNovember 21, 2023             I have Guillain-Barre syndrome – a neuromuscular disorder – in my case with quadriparesis: paralysis of the legs and weakness of my upper extremities.            I have no control over my legs. I cannot stand or walk. I cannot bend or straighten them. When I am in bed I […]

Long Term Services and Support News Spotlight

2023-11-21 Spotlight: What Long-Term Care Looks Like Around the World

New York Times (free access), November 14, 2023By Jordan Rau Around the world, wealthy countries are struggling to afford long-term care for rapidly aging populations. Most spend more than the United States through government funding or insurance that individuals are legally required to obtain. Some protect individuals from exhausting all their income or wealth paying […]