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Private Equity

The toxic effects that Private Equity investments have had on healthcare, caregiving, durable medical equipment and nursing homes is a hot topic at DignityMA. We have compiled several opinions and resources on this issue. Two books on the subject (Not vetted by DignityMA) Health Care Boston Globe January 24: Health care: The problem with private […]

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living has become a popular option for older adults. These facilities are not Nursing Homes, have few requirements and protections for residents, vary significantly from one another and can be expensive. The information and links below may help to demystify Assisted Living. The New York Times published “What to Know about Assisted Living” by […]

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Nursing Home Staffing

Nursing Home Staffing has been an issue for some time. Insufficient staffing results in a poor quality of life for residents, resident safety and staff retention issues. DignityMA has compiled current information on the topic. There are a number of reasons for inadequate staffing. DignityMA is focusing on what the standard should be, problems achieving […]