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Bringing People Home – On Marsters for guardians, and supported decision-making personnel

May 29, 2024: A webinar explaining the Marsters v. Healey Settlement Agreement, was prepared especially for guardians, supporters in supported decision-making arrangements, and other advocates. The objectives of the webinar are to review basic provisions of the Agreement and review rights available for residents. The Agreement is anticipated to be finalized in federal court in later June.

For questions about the Agreement, contact Kathy Walker, 413-341-5111 ( ) or Deborah Filler, 617-603-2716 (

Marsters v. Healey was filed by seven individuals with disabilities who are living in nursing facilities in Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Senior Action Council brought against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The plaintiffs claimed that they had a right to live in the community but needed support from the State to do so.

This Settlement Agreement will expand the resources available throughout Massachusetts for individuals such as the plaintiffs and thousands of people like them, allowing many nursing facility residents to receive residential services and supports provided in the community instead of in a nursing facility.

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