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FY 2022 Budget Amendment Endorsement: 4120-4000 ( pilot to develop community-based sites for behavioral health services for adults under sixty)

Dignity Alliance Massachusetts advocates for the adoption of the following amendment affecting Line Item 4120-4000 (Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission): For a pilot project to develop community-based comprehensive sites to provide behavioral health services for adults under age sixty.  The goals are to deter persons from nursing home placements and to discharge people under sixty years older […]

Behavioral Health Facilities Resolution

Resolution: Specialized Populations

Dignity Alliance supports lifting the DON moratorium for specialized skilled nursing facilities for substance use/mental health issues and COVID-19 rehabilitation. Any applicant which proposes to serve this population should demonstrate that it has the skills, expertise, appropriate programming, and trained staff to adequately meet the needs of the population. We question the need for special […]

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Request to State Auditor

Dignity Alliance Massachusetts has sent a letter to State Auditor Suzanne Bump, asking for a follow up audit of nursing facilities. The letter is copied below, or download the DAMAuditor Letter on Nursing Home Complaints.docx. “We appreciate the work you and your office reported in September 2019 regarding the unconscionable delays in complaint investigations of […]