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2024-04-02 Spotlight: The Wisdom of Humpty Dumpty

By Richard Moore
DignityMA’s poet laureate (aka, Chair, DignityMA’s Legislative Workgroup), with an AI assist

Humpty Dumpty, policy bold,
Sat on a wall, so we’re told.
A vision of streamlining, a central core,
For long-term care, they’d have us explore.

All the Governor’s horses, men and women,
Would centralize forms, again and again.
No more local helpers, with faces so kind,
Just a distant voice, leaving many behind.

Humpty Dumpty, a network so vast,
May lose the connections that truly hold fast.
The workers who know, and the people who need,
A system familiar, a comforting seed.

Can’t all Healey’s fixes, with logic so grand,
Leave a fragile system, scattered like sand?
Perhaps gentle tweaks, and a network that thrives,
Can keep good support for the rest of our lives.

So, ponder, dear leaders, with budgets so tight,
If shiny and new might dim a warm light.
For sometimes the answer, though simple and small,
Is the human connection, the greatest of all.

Editor’s note: MassHealth has issued a Request for Response (RFR) regarding the procurement for an Independent Assessor Entity (IAE) [RFR for IAE].

DignityMA is advocating that the RFR process be suspended to provide an opportunity for public input prior to proceeding with the process.