Home and Community Based Resolution

Resolution: Expand Availability of Home and Community Services

An immediate objective is the expansion of the ability of older adults and persons with disabilities to receive comprehensive services, support, and care in their own homes or other locations in the community of their choice. This can occur through changes to Medicaid waiver programs, enhancement of eligibility rules and the scope of benefits in state-supported service programs, and the development and operation of more affordable, service supported housing options. If the Health Care Conference Committee, which is meeting right now, included in its final bill, Section 38 of H4916, the House Health Care bill, this would quickly and easily make community based care more financially possible for many seniors. One other specific option for consideration is the development of a program to stimulate and support the conversion of nursing facilities which cease operations to become supportive housing for persons with various needs. We believe significant involvement of the legislature’s Joint Committees on Housing, Health Care Finance, and Elder Affairs, the Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services—including the Executive Office of Elder Affairs—is essential.