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REV UP MA Disability Voting Rights Webinar

September 20, 2023

Please save the date for the REV UP MA 2023 Disability Voting Webinar, and stay informed on the state of voting rights for people with disabilities.
Tentative Agenda:
  • Federal Voting Rights and News - Alexia Kemmerling from REV UP National will discuss work that other REV UP Groups around the country are doing and any upcoming legislation or policy changes related to voting rights for people with disabilities on the federal level. 
  • Massachusetts Voting Rights and News - Panel of representatives from organizations including the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts, CareVote at the Provider's Council, Disability Law Center and others discuss the importance of accessible local elections, help with voter registration, explain upcoming legislation that may affect voters with disabilities in Massachusetts. 
  • Accessible Electronic Vote by Mail in Massachusetts - Updates from Disability Law Center on the implementation and need for greater usage of the Accessible Electronic Vote By Mail system in Massachusetts.

Register for Voting Rights Webinar at the REV UP MA website.

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