Category: General Closing the Justice Gap for Older Adults Part 4: You Can Make a Difference—Defending Against or Terminating Guardianship

Closing the Justice Gap for Older Adults Part 4: You Can Make a Difference—Defending Against or Terminating Guardianship

August 23, 2023

National Center on Law & Elder Rights
Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

The fourth webinar in the Closing the Justice Gap for Older Adults training series will prepare legal aid attorneys to represent individuals who may be subject to guardianship or who are under guardianship. When representing a person with a guardian or someone who is allegedly in need of a guardian, an attorney may need to take extra steps to ensure their client has the right to counsel of their choice and to be a strong advocate on behalf of the client. This includes ensuring the client is present in the proceedings and treated with dignity and that the client’s due process rights are upheld. By using procedural and evidentiary tools— including alternatives to guardianship—advocates can increase clients’ independence and autonomy and restore their civil rights. This training will build on the concepts discussed in the second training in this series, Representing Clients with a Range of Decisional Capabilities.

Presenters will share:

  • Considerations for representing clients with a range of decisional capabilities;
  • Strategies for advocating for clients’ rights;
  • Standards and burdens for opposing, modifying, or terminating guardianship; and
  • Building systems and partnerships to engage with clients in need of these services.


  • Introduction: Francis Nugent, Legal Services Corporation and Hilary Dalin, Administration for Community Living
  • Jim Berchtold, Justice in Aging
  • Gabrielle Marshall, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

Capacity for this session is limited to 3,000 participants, and all participants will have the option of accessing audio through the computer or by phone. Closed captioning will be available. Please be sure to log onto the webinar a few minutes early in order to secure your place for the live presentation on Zoom.

This webinar will be recorded and available on our website shortly after the presentation. The recording and training materials will also be emailed to all registrants within a few days after the training. We are unable to offer CEU’s or other certifications.

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