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Amendment #60 to Senate Bill S.2817  An Act honoring, empowering, and recognizing our service members and veterans

Please support this amendment by contacting your Senator via the Dignity Alliance MA Take Action Page.

Senator Lydia Edwards moves to amend Senate Bill 2817, by inserting after section 123, the following new section:

Veterans Small Homes Plan


  • The secretary of veterans’ services, in coordination with the executive office of housing and livable communities, shall convene a working group to develop a master plan for the siting, construction and operation of veterans’ small house long-term care homes, to be funded pursuant to chapter 15, section 2, item 4000-2027 of the Acts of 2021.
  • As near as possible, the work group shall propose veterans housing that follows the standards of the VHA Small House Design Guide (PG-18-12 Chapter 106), formerly known as the Community Living Centers Design Guide, which provides enhanced, expanded guidance for creating an environment in which residents that require extended care services are at the literal and figurative center of the household. The model of care shall be resident-centered, where care is driven by the resident and involves the resident and family, when available, in decisions regarding care. 
  • The secretary shall appoint the following members to the working group: 2 members who shall represent medical centers or hospitals in the commonwealth that serve veterans; 2 members who shall represent health insurance companies; 2 members who shall represent veterans’ services organizations; 1 member who shall represent the office of the veterans advocate, established pursuant to chapter 115B MGL 1 member who shall represent the executive director of the office of veterans homes and housing, 1 member who shall represent the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, 1 representative who shall represent the Department of Public Health, and 1 member who shall represent the Architectural Access Board.  The secretary shall designate a chair of the working group from the membership of the group.
  • Not later than January 1, 2026, the working group shall file a report of its findings and any recommendations with the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate, the joint committee on veterans and federal affairs, the joint committee on mental health and substance abuse, the joint committee on public health, the joint committee on elder affairs, and the House and Senate committees on ways and means.
  • The executive office of veterans services is hereby authorized and directed to create new housing for veterans experiencing homelessness.  The veterans housing work group established by this section shall develop plans for siting, construction and operation of the tiny homes pilot program.  The work shall develop the terms for a new pilot program within the Executive Office of Veterans Services that can create more individualized transitional homes and provide more affordable housing options for veterans.  Said pilot program shall provide grants, subject to appropriation, for recipients to build villages of individualized tiny transitional homes for our nation’s veterans who are experiencing homelessness. The individualized homes under the pilot program shall offer enhanced safety nets and privacy for certain veteran populations – including women and the LGBTQ+ community. The villages would include wrap-around supportive services for the veterans and their families.