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Recruitment – Nursing Home residents who lived with more than 2 people in a room

Seeking Current or Former Nursing Homes Residents who lived in room with more than two residents could help this care.

River Terrace Operator LLC, et al. v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al. Civil Action 2284CV01024

Dignity Alliance is assisting the Attorney General opposing about 30 nursing homes that don’t want to limit their facilities to not more than two residents per room as required by state regulations.  We think it would be helpful if residents or former residents of nursing homes, or their family members, who may have experienced more than two residents per room to provide information on how this limits each resident’s privacy, health, and safety.  If you, or someone you know could provide information on the experience of living with in nursing home rooms with three or more residents, and are willing to talk about that situation, it could help to bolster the state’s defense of the current regulation limiting occupancy to not more than two residents per room.  Contact: Dick Moore of Dignity Alliance at