Actions Home and Community Based Worker Support

Advocate to Pay to Spouses as Caregivers

S89 / H1305 An Act allowing spouses as caregivers

Referred to Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities. Contact Senator Adam Gomez (, (617) 722-1660) and Representative Michael Finn (, (617) 722-2676) to urge favorable action.

Sponsors – Senator Joanne Comerford and Representative Norman Orrall

Read the full DignityMA Endorsement for S89 and H1305 (pdf).

Legislation Text: SECTION 1. The second paragraph of section 9 of chapter 118E of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting in the second sentence, after the words “requirements for Title XIX”, the following words:

provided, that any program of home and community based services funded pursuant to the provisions of this chapter or chapter 118G, in which family members are permitted to serve as paid caregivers, shall include spouses within the definition of family member;

provided further, the executive office of health and human services shall file a state plan amendment or wavier application, as may be required, to allow spouses to serve as paid caregivers;