Senator Richard T. Moore

Senator Moore is part of the leadership team of Dignity Alliance Massachusetts and chairs its Legislative Work Group. As a health policy expert, environmental leader, social policy advocate, and educational administrator, he has served in numerous elected and appointed positions in local, state, and national governments and the non-profit sector over a fifty-year career.

After leaving the Massachusetts Senate in 2015, Senator Moore led the Massachusetts Assisted Living Association, (Mass-ALA) a not-for-profit association dedicated to professionally operated assisted living residences in Massachusetts that provide housing and services for individuals with varied needs and income levels. The organization promotes a model of care which treats all residents with dignity, provides privacy, and encourages independence and freedom of choice.

Although he held the leadership role of President Pro Tempore of the Senate when he left public office, much of Senator Moore’s tenure in the Massachusetts Senate was as the Legislature’s point-person on health care.  Appointed in 1999 as Senate Chairman of the Massachusetts Legislature’s Committee on Health Care Financing, Senator Moore was in the forefront of issues affecting the health of the people of Massachusetts. His imprint can be found on nearly every piece of health care legislation enacted in Massachusetts from 2000–2014. 

Perhaps his greatest health policy achievement was his pivotal role in creating legislation designed to expand access to health care to every resident of Massachusetts. He was the primary sponsor of two of the major bills, and numerous other pieces of legislation, on which the landmark Massachusetts Health Reform Law (C. 58 of the Acts of 2006) is based. Moore also served as the Senate’s point person as Senate Chair of the legislative conference committee that produced the final product that has become a catalyst and, to some degree, a national model for health reform efforts across the nation.

Senator Moore has served in many other professional capacities and on myriad boards throughout his long and distinguished career. He and his wife live in Uxbridge, Massachusetts with two elderly cats – Maya and Olivene, two of more than 20 displaced felines for which they have cared over the years. 

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