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Preventative Cancer Screenings While Living With Paralysis

May 22, 2024

National Paralysis Resource Center
Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 3:00 p.m.

Preventative cancer screenings can provide life-saving early detection. For women living with paralysis, accessing these screenings can be a very difficult and frustrating experience. The Preventative Cancer Screenings While Living with Paralysis webinar will feature a panel discussion among two women living with paralysis who are cancer survivors and an oncologist. The panelists will explore the importance of preventative cancer screenings, the physical and attitudinal barriers to accessing them, strategies for overcoming these barriers, including self-advocacy, how to find a provider who offers accessible screenings, and what questions to ask when making an appointment. Audience members will gain an understanding of the shared challenges women with paralysis face when accessing preventative cancer screenings and be empowered to obtain the screenings they need to remain healthy.

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