Congressional Candidates 2022

Stay tuned for Candidate responses to DignityMA questions, and interviews with candidates.

Democratic (D) and Republican (R) candidates must get 15% of the votes at their respective conventions in order to make the September primary ballot. Candidates listed with I are Independent, or unenrolled with a party.

The list below is not final, and will not be final until early June. (

District 1

Louis Marino R

Richard Neal D

District 2

Nicholas Barassi R

Jim McGovern D

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette R

District 3

Miranda Tozier-Robbins D

Lori Trahan D

Dean Tran R

District 4

Jake Auchincloss D

Julie Hall R

District 5

Washington Blask I

Katherine Clark D

District 6

Robert May Jr. R

Seth Moulton D

District 7

Ayanna Pressley D

District 8

Stephen Lynch D

Michael Ruiz D

Hamilton Soares Rodrigues R

District 9

Jesse Brown R

William Keating D

Mark Littles R

Grant Smith Ellis D